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Our Mission

We're all about crafting cool bandanas for our fluffy-butt superstar, Mochi, our pekingese-mixed furball who's got sass to spare but melts your heart in seconds. We're taking inspo from Mochi, the fluffy diva with attitude on the outside, yet a complete softy on the inside. Our gig? Decking out dogs with dapper bandanas and dishing out delightful dog-themed stickers for all you pup-loving folks.

The Designer/Owner

Meet Virginia Tse-Novy, our fashion guru with over a decade in the apparel design scene! Back in the early 2000s, she was the boss lady behind a super cool tote bag line that hit up local boutiques and events like nobody's business. Now, she's on a mission to take Fluffy Butt to the next level, dishing out more fab doggy gear and turning us into an international handmade sensation.

Made to order

1 - 3 business days

We design our own fabric

Handmade with care

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